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Realtor and lover of cats and Jose
Living in North Phoenix

I was introduced to the world of Harry Potter in grade school. Mom would read to us on camping trips. I obsessed over the Chamber of Secrets when I was a kid. It's my favorite movie too.


Server, Musician, lover of cats and Dariya
Living in North Phoenix
Get off my lawn!

I read the first Harry Potter book in my late 20's, circa 2008. I was late to the party. I read through all the books in under 3 months and then started into the movies. This is my first re-read. I refuse to read cursed-child.


Sky Hostess and future Mortician.
Living in South Florida
Cat mom of two.

I got my first Harry Potter book from a scholastic book fair in 3rd grade.
My mother used to read HP aloud to me at night before bed , and eventually I picked up the books myself.
I have not read past book 5...
... I also had a huge crush on Malfoy ...